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Because... i've got too much time on my hands and i've just got a new scanner.

I have always liked cars. Since an age where I could distinguish the finer quality's of things there was nothing but Ferrari really.

I am a Graphic Designer by trade and currently doing only Web sites full time, hopefully one day earninig enough to get a real Ferrari instead of the hundreds of models i've got (as well as, I mean!).

I took many of these pitures on my visit to Maranello in 1993 but also from various concours, and in some circumstances (where marked) from other sources. I will be adding other cars to this site in time, but for the moment I hope you have a good rumage around. By the way, I am also a techno DJ, so take a look at the site here.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to e-mail me (details below).

Also, I play Grand Prix 3 so if anyone would like to play on-line with me contact me.


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©2002 markus

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