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360 modena spider

Ferrari back on top form...

...after the fusion of their recent succeses in different areas of development finally meet in one shell.

The 360 Modena was born [insert drum roll here]...

The variant I have featured here is the most recent and most desireable 360 Modena Spider.

The 360 Modena first came out in late 1999.

It combines the latest 3.6 litre V8 engine pushing out 400bhp and mounted under a clear cover designed to show off the red heads!

F1 style paddle shift (swithches actually) for the semi-automatic gearbox. It also uses a spaceframe chassis, a first for a Ferrari road GT car, but the future to all their new models.

It's the most solidly built and cleverly engineered Ferrari ever made. Lots of comfort extras are also there for the driver and passenger, with the roof raising and lowering automatically and hiding away perfectly even though the 360 Modena is mid-engined.

The BEST thing about the car though (in my opinion), is that the scoops behind the door windows borrow from the 250LM's sculpted air inlets. It seems so balanced on the 360... to perfection. Can this car overtake the 250GTswb as the most perfect shape... we'll see in 30 years.

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