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The Ferrari 330P4 is the Ford Killer!

1967... Daytona... Victory needed... They got a one two... and three...

Lorenzo Bandini and Chris Amon finished first in a 330P4, a P4 2nd and 330P2 in 3rd place one lap down, but crossing the line in a fantastic formation finish. (see the picture here)

The rest of the season wasn't quite as successful though as Ford were strong on the chase with their GT40's.

The 330P4 is the last, and most stunning, incarnation of the 300 series of sports prototype cars. used at LeMans, Daytona, Sebring and Nurburgring from 1963-1967. You don't get racers like that any more. I hope F1 gets a bit better for Ferrari now that they have gotten rid of their mental block but I would rather watch a 330P4 driving around on it's own for a day than a whole F1 season! They need to stop putting restrictions on the cars, which seem to have the opposite of the desired effect. And bring 3 cars per team back.

The green car I caught at Silverstone, racing in a classics race with lots of other lovely Ferrari's. It has to be the lowest car i've seen (apart from the GT40).


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©2002 markus

The pictures above were taken at Silverstone and at a friends house / Ferrari memorablilia shop in Hertfordshire.

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