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The 250GT short wheel base
(swb) stamps it's timeless elegance into one of Ferraris largest 'number' ranges to date.

The sleek and subtle curves of the 250GTswb (the car on the grass above) just dont seem to age. The perfect car shape I think. Except the convertible California version.

The range had so many cars that I have just chosen a few to show. The 250GTO above famous for long distance endurance racing is also one of the most valuable cars on the planet having held the record for years at an anstronomical £13 million!

The 'swb' to the left is Stirling Moss's race car.

Pininfarina usually seem like they can't go wrong when designing a car these days, but they can do better! the 250GT series proves it. hehehehe...

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©2002 markus

These pictures were taken at Silverstone and various Ferrari Concours

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